47 Meters Down – Review

UK Release: 26th July 2017
Starring: Mandy Moore, Claire Holt, Matthew Modine.

You’re stuck in a rust bucket of a shark cage, 47 meters under shark infested water with a quickly depleting air supply. What do you do? …


47 Meters Down is a British survival film following the reluctant Lisa (Mandy Moore, voice of Disney’s Rapunzel) who on the back end of a breakup, which is oddly a hot topic throughout the film, reluctantly lets her thrill seeking sister Kate (Claire Holt, Messengers 2: The Scarecrow) convince her to go shark diving whilst on holiday in Mexico. Peril ensues and the two sisters find themselves hurtling down to the oceans depths.

As far as survivalist films go 47 Meters Down is predictably indulgent. All of the opening imagery nods towards the cliches of the shark film genre and characters say such loaded lines as ‘It’s totally safe!’ (hurr hurr, we know whats coming!). You see the totally not safe shark cage and you throw your hands towards the screen (Really?! They’re getting in that?!) then when Lisa and Kate are lowered into the water ‘Trust me, once you’re down there you’re not gonna want to come back up’ assures Captain Taylor (ho ho! How he could be so wrong). They see a 20 foot shark in the water, due to sexual dismorphia big sharks = female sharks, You prepare myself for some heavy girl on girl action in the water, blood, limbs and thrashing! This isn’t a monster film filled with human hungry sharks at every turn, the sharks aren’t villainous, they’re just sharks. 47 Meters Down is a more realistic claustrophobic film where you find yourself holding your breath and controlling your breathing with the sisters, lack of oxygen generally being the greater threat than the sharks. Not a gore fest, you found yourself counting limbs after every shark appearance almost disappointed with the results of each attack, the suspense created by the lack of sharks was fun and kept the pace of the film moving quickly.




After a failed attempt at a rescue from above leaving the audience around me laughing, rolls reverse and the terrified Lisa must overcome her fears and free herself and save her sister from circling sharks. She MacGyvers them both back to the boat with a hero ending BUT plot twist! The hero ending is taken away for a far more realistic rescue.



A breath of fresh (scuba tanked) air from the recent tornado of stupid shark films, 47 Meters Down is an enjoyable edge of your seat film definitely worth catching on the big screen this summer. Nothing gets you over a breakup quicker than being in a survival situation. There’s plenty more fish in the sea?

RARING: 6 out of 10

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Written by: Ena Wilson

Butt lover, Cosplayer, Cat. Overly enthusiastic about Jeff Wayne's musical version of The War of the Worlds, finding the perfect burrito and painting herself green.

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