Tequila Kyle Cosplay

I’m just a normal girl with mermaid hair and an unhealthy obsession with comics and cosplay. I love Catwoman the most and have cosplayed a lot of different versions of her – which is why my cosplay page is called Tequila Kyle (like Selina Kyle – Catwoman’s real name – but with tequila, cause I love to drink tequila. Geddit?). Like any self respecting nerd, I play a lot of vidya games, watch movies and TV, and take many naps with my two dogs. I go to a lot of conventions and dress up when I can – it’s quite addictive, but really expensive, and only slightly less unhealthy than crack. Sometimes I model and act and stuff if I can deal with weird men complimenting my thighs.

Pictures (with name of photographer underneath each):


Character: Zelda (if she was the hero)
Photographer: Kyle Mcvean Photography


Character: New 52 Batman (rule 63)
Photographer: AM_Photography


Character: New 52 Catwoman
Photographer: Food and Cosplay


Character: New 52 Poison Ivy
Photographer: AM_Photographer


Character: Claire Redfield
Photographer: David Kane Photography


Character: Black Cat
Photographer: Shinigami Photography


Character: Power Girl
Photographer: Paper Cube

12670799_986643044705054_8851392404414575760_n (1)

Character: Master Chef Tahm Kench (rule 63)
Photographer: Kosupics

Written by: Daniel Routledge

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