Bathrobe Knight 1&2 Review!

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Bathrobe Knight 1&2 Review!

Bathrobe Knight and Bathrobe Knight 2
Charles Dean and Joshua Swayne

O.K. I am writing a double review as I have just finished the second book and I can’t really review it for you if you have not read the first one.
So the first book starts with Darwin our main protagonist at home on Christmas night playing a MMORPG when a burglar breaks into his apartment. After the scuffle is over he finds himself transported into one of the sword and magic RPG-style MMOs that he has always loved to play.
The Story is told from the view point of four characters Darwin, Kass a gamer who Darwin encounters as he first arrives in the game, Robert lead developer of the game and Kass’s father and Qasin an NPC King of the Humans in the game.
I pick this book up just because the title made me laugh but as I started reading I found myself sucked into the story it is well paced funny and the authors must be big online gamers as it feels like they know what they are talking about there are plenty of funny moments in the book and I feel it is well worth a read.
And now on too book two.
Book two picks up right where book one ends and if you like the first one you’ll like this and as it is the second book the authors get a chance to flesh out the characters they are given some tough choices to make and as I said I am not going to put spoilers in my reviews so I can’t go into too much detail but again I enjoyed the second part of this series and I am now in the un- envious position of having to wait for book three

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Bathrobe Knight Volume one

Bathrobe Knight Volume two

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Written by: Daniel Routledge

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