Cosplay is an industry that is taking the world by storm, with cosplayers all over the world recreating their favourite characters from pop culture. And, as always, there are different levels to this ‘hobby’ from amateurs like everyday convention goers, to those who find themselves with the title of ‘Professional Cosplayer’, such as the incredibly talented Ash Cosplay, who joined us on the Machinima SBOC stand at MCM London. We had the chance to speak to her about everything cosplay, how she got started, what’s next, and the advice she has for those who are looking to start cosplaying.

In her educational life, Ash explained that she has always leaned more towards the science-based subjects, recently completing a university degree in the same vein, and so her venture into cosplay originally came as a form of artistic escapism from the facts and figures of her studies. Ash started cosplaying ten years ago, buying and modifying pieces clothing to create her cosplays, and over the years she built up a skill-set that has allowed her to begin making costumes completely from scratch, with excellent accuracy.

Ash Cosplay as Yennefer of Vengerberg

Ash Cosplay as Yennefer of Vengerberg

Becoming a professional wasn’t something that happened overnight. Since 2008, Ash has been working on cosplay whilst completing her studies, and recently she found that this hobby began to supersede her work, and with thousands of followers on social media, she hasn’t looked back.

When it comes to characters to cosplay, a pattern has formed – strong ladies who manage to seamless blend their femininity with the ability to be truly kick-ass when faced with foes. It all began with Lara Croft, who fits this archetype perfectly, however the character of the moment for Ash is Yennefer, as she appears in popular game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The appeal of Yennefer’s character is that, while she is a force of nature like the other characters that Ash is drawn to, she is also complex, showing her humanity throughout the game’s story. And Ash’s cosplay of Yennefer is so good that she was approached by the games developer of The Witcher to be their official cosplayer at conventions in Germany. This love of The Witcher games has inspired Ash’s next cosplay, of duchess Anna Henrietta, beloved by all her people she’s a glamorous force of nature who does what she wants.


And if you’re looking to start cosplaying, Ash has a simple message for you: Just start. As a perfectionist, she struggled at the start, like many people do, wanting to make the biggest and best costume, but in truth, your first costume will never be perfect. The process of cosplaying is all about trial and error, and as you go along you will make mistakes and learn from them, developing new skills that will allow you to create costumes that you can be proud of.

For now, however, you can keep up with Ash’s cosplays via social media (and even suggest cosplays), and also watch her live streams on both YouTube and Twitch.


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Lucy Cale

Written by: Lucy Cale

Lucy Cale is a writer, cinephile and cosplay enthusiast, who hopes to become a professional screenwriter. Failing that, a jedi.

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