Assassin's Creed Origins Gets A Huge New Update Today Which includes 2 hugely anticipated features!

Assassin’s Creed Origins is receiving a huge patch today bringing with it two highly anticipated modes. The 1.3 patch drops today weighing in at 2.6 GB on PC and 5.5GB on consoles.

After months of waiting fans of the latest entry in the Assassin’s Creed franchise are finally getting the Discovery Tour mode. This virtual tour mode removes all the enemies, fighting and danger of the game and replaces it with museum tours. Ranging from the Riddle of the Sphinx to the growing of Alexandria these tours give you a complete insight into the world AC Origins bestowed upon us. The game was praised heavily for its world building and its attention to detail, Discovery Tour perfectly emphasises that. Tours are between 5 and 25 minutes and there are a humongous 75 tours to complete, best of all its completely free.


Also being added to the game is the New Game Plus mode which gives new life to the end game content of the game. This mode is available after finishing the story, and it’ll let you bring over all of your equipment, abilities and inventory along with your current character level. As is expected with a New Game Plus mode, difficulty will increase, it works by increasing whatever difficulty you select by 1 (so pick Normal and you get hard etc.). There’s also an ulterior motive to go back and play the game as Ubisoft mysteriously promises an unknown reward for completing the mode.


Earlier this year Ubisoft made comments about making less new games and instead focusing on improving pre-existing games. This means there’s likely more coming for Assassin’s Creed Origins in the near future, what that entails well have to wait and see to find out.

Recently we took a look at the deeper meaning behind the game’s story and ranked the franchise as a whole. For more Info on the Egypt orientated game make sure to stick right here at Machinima SBOC!

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