Resident Evil: Revelations Switch Review

Initial Release: 28 November 2017 For the most part, Revelations takes on much of the best of past and modern entries to the franchise. Retaining the over the shoulder mechanic initially introduced and popularised by RE:4, while also returning some of the crucial survival-horror elements of the original series, sees Revelations as a

Halloween SBOOCtacular Recommendations

It’s finally that time of year again, when we break out the ghosts and ghouls and prep ourselves for one night of pure terror. While most would consider watching a Wes Craven movie or read a Stephen King novel, our writers here at MachinimaSBOC have handpicked ten of the best games we

Destiny 2 Review (PS4)

Initial Release: 9 September 2017 Destiny 2 is without a doubt an even greater game than its predecessor, but more so, an even greater experience than one would have expected. From the solid and engaging story that almost carries the same feel as a classic space opera, to the fluid

LawBreakers Review (PS4)

Initial Release: 8th August 2017 “LawBreakers is undoubtedly one of the stronger titles we’ve seen in 2017, as it truly captures the essence of competitive first person shooters that has since been lost to Call of Duty. Of course the game still has a lot left to do, from adding bigger

Perception – Review

Initial Release 30 May 2017 It was always about the house… the house in her dreams. Despite being born visually impaired, she saw it so clearly and vividly. Now she takes the chance to find out what it means, fight through the darkness and solve the mystery.   “Based on a True

Sony’s PlayStation E3 Press Conference Roundup

It’s almost as though it’s become a tradition for Sony to take the lead on games this generation. While the competition flexed its muscle with technical buzzwords and emphasis on 4K, PlayStation managed to continue highlighting the most important aspect of all: content. Wasting no time at all, they set

MaoMao Castle – Wall Smashing Dragon-Cat

When it comes to showcasing video games in certain events, those of the mobile phone variety tend to struggle with becoming noticed or recognised in the middle of the hustle and bustle. Tucked away on an iPhone or an android, they are often ignored for simply lacking presentation. This was

Tekken 7 – MCM Prelude Special

“Get ready to FLY!” While this MCM treated us with a gamut of games both in type and genre, Tekken 7 stood out amongst con-goers as an exciting and competitive fighter that beckoned to those willing to test their skills. Situated upon a stage reminiscent to that of an actual boxing


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