Avengers 4 Filming Announced with Set Photo

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo posted a photograph yesterday, on the brothers’ official Facebook page, signalling the start of Avengers 4 filming. The photo, of a gloved hand – whose though, is unknown – was captioned only “Beginning the end”. Many have begun speculating that the display of only four fingers may be a sign of something else – perhaps four days until an announcement? From an Infinity War trailer release? Or perhaps a sign that this will be where Phase 4 begins?

However, it’s easier to believe that the photo shows only the four fingers of the glove because they have had to crop out something that may well be a spoiler for what’s to come.

As for ‘the end’ they mention, this might indicate that Avengers 4 is the last film that the Russo Brothers will be directing for Marvel.

The as-yet-untitled Avengers movie began filming at Pinewood’s Atlanta Studios, and is scheduled to last until December, being shot entirely in IMAX format. Though the two parts of Infinity War will be released apart, as usual, it has been integral for the movies to be shot back-to-back, furthering the thoughts of many who believe that this may well be because the beginning of the fourth Avengers movie will pick up where the third leaves off.

Avengers 4 is slated for release 3rd May 2019, almost exactly a year after Infinity War’s 4th May 2018 release.

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