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Review Packages - Our 3 step process:

If you would like to customise your own package, just follow our 3 step process and choose from any of the options below.

Step 1: Choose what type of review you would like.

For any type of popular media be it games, movies or comics, you will need a written review and images for your growing audiences to read from and watch some footage. Having a brand with world-wide coverage like Machinima creating a review for you, can be the difference in an unsuccessful, or very successful business venture. Once you have received our review, all copyright to it will be yours and you can broadcast/post it to whatever platform you like.

*All of the below will be added to our websites review section free of charge!

Step 2: Choosing your Social Media Platforms.

As we all know social media has sky rocketed within the past 10 years and now just under 2 billion people world-wide own a social media profile! Even without having to create your own company profiles, we can still help you make the most out of these marketing tools. They include:

Facebook Exposure:

By creating ads for your business through our own Facebook Page, people will recognise your company brand to be associated with us to increase your sales across the world. We have two options for the amount of customers we can reach through these ads by boosting your statuses you have chosen from above, which are as follows:

*Note – All Ads Reach is estimate by Facebook and may vary from time to time.

Twitter Exposure:

With Twitter being the second largest social media platform in the world, this is another key marketing tool which can attract a large amount of traffic within a short space of time. With over 115,000 followers on our twitter account, which reaches out to over 500,000 people on a weekly bases. Having some presence on twitter is a must.

Machinima SBOC don’t partake in twitter ads, as we believe they are far too overpriced and we want you to spend your financing on marketing tools that will guarantee a return on your investment. You don’t have to thank us, we’re just doing our job!

Instagram Exposure:

As an official Machinima Account our Instagram gets very steady traffic at peak times with over 36,000 followers and growing. As Instagram’s layout has stayed the same since launch, your advert or picture will always be on our profile and easily viewable forever once posted!

Just the same as Facebook, creating Instagram ads through our profile allows people to recognise your brand being associated to ours! Where the impact may reduce, the volume of reach goes up which can be witnessed below.

*Note – All Ads Reach is estimate by Instagram and may vary from time to time.

The Weekly Show Appearances:

With over 100,000 – 160,000+ views on each of our videos for ‘The Weekly Show’, YouTube is a great opportunity to interact with our online community within a short space of time, whilst being able to provide them with direct links to your website. Therefore you can decide where you would like the traffic to go as we speak to our audience base with confidence as you choose from the options below:

The Weekly Show Shout-outs:

Here we will give a shout out for your brand/product whilst highlighting its benefits, along with how people can download/purchase said product, followed by your company’s URL links displayed.

The Weekly Show Shout-outs & Logo Displayed:

Here we will give out a shout out as stated above, but will also include your company’s logo so people can recognise it more easily in the future.

The Weekly Show Shout-outs, Logo & Video Displayed:

Here we will include all of the above, along with a video advert highlighting key elements, as we voice over and tell people how great your product is!

Step 3:

Website Advertising: - Choose what extra exposure you would like from our website.

Having us create a review for you is one thing, but appearing in our ‘News Feeds’ is a totally different ball game. Once you have chosen the type of report you would like us to create for you, you can then choose to boost your exposure on our website even further, by picking any of the following options.

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*Below is only a request form, therefore no card details will be taken until we have spoken to you directly. Once you have created your custom package and entered your information, send it to us and we will see if it is eligible for any discount to be taken away from your order!

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