Netflix Buys Millarworld!

Exciting news from the comic world today, as Mark Millar’s artist-run indie comic book publisher Millarworld has been bought by industry heavyweight Netflix. Millar, who started the company 15 years ago, is the man responsible for a huge amount of successful comic books such as Wanted, Kick-Ass, Kingsman: The Secret Service,

Exclusive Interview with Tommy Yune at LFCC 2017

A major staple of Saturday morning animated entertainment was one that set a standard for contemporary Anime and brought it to the masses – Robotech. At London Film & Comic Con 2017 we caught up with Tommy Yune, Creative Director of Harmony Gold USA for a chat about their collaboration with Titan Comics

Top Picks: DC Comics – 26 July 2017

DC has some hot comics hitting the shelves today. For this week’s installment, the focus is on four books that made the shortlist. BATMAN BEYOND #10 ($3.99) Art by Bernard Chang, Written by Dan Jurgens This series is starting to get really interesting. After the shocking revelation that the new leader

Metal Made Flesh – A Simeon Aston Interview

Metal Made Flesh: Vengeance by Simeon Aston “Survival is everything.” It’s safe to say that cyberpunk is an aspect of science fiction that is enjoying something of a renaissance at the moment, with the live action version of Ghost in the Shell hitting the big screen, as well as the

BOOM! The Rise and Rise of Josceline Fenton

Hunting for a spot to sit and talk with award-winning Cartoonist, Writer, Animator and Illustrator Josceline Fenton, we uncovered a crumbling, derelict room. Looking like a site from a post-apocalyptic world, we found two chairs conveniently placed amongst the debris. Instead we swiftly backed out, sitting comfortable by a radiator

WAYWARD Comic Series Optioned for TV 

Writer Jim Zub and illustrator Steven Cummings’ WAYWARD, an ongoing comic series published by Image Comics, has been optioned by UK-based Manga Entertainment for development in television as a Japanese animated or live action series. Zub and Cummings will act as creative consultants on the project, including development of the

In This Corner of the World to appear at Annecy 2017

Released: 28 June 2017 In This Corner of the World, the heart-warming and inspirational tale from acclaimed director Sunao Katabuchi, was last night announced to be in competition at this year’s Annecy International Animated Film Festival. The announcement follows the film’s outstanding success in Japan (winner of 22 awards, including:

Machinima SBOC at Comic Con 2017!

This year, something is coming. Something huge. Something no-one saw coming. Some…THING… on the wing. *…Wait. What?* MACHINIMA SBOC INTRODUCES THE FIRST MACHINIMA EXPERIENCE AT MCM COMIC CON MAY, LONDON!!! But what does that mean? With AAA guests and partners such as Special Effect, Dream Team Gaming, Lootcrate, Razer, Nvidia,


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