Issue 3 Event:LSCC Date: 25-27 August 2017 Location: Business Design Centre, London A new location and date for this much loved con. A heavy hitter on the convention landscape. We asked con goers who their favourite comic book characters were and why: Want to tell us your favourite comic

SBOC 10 @Aylesbury comic con

Issue 2 Event: Aylesbury comic con Date: 5-6 August 2017 Location: Aylesbury Weaterside Theatre Https:// Aylesbury’s first comic con was a blast. We asked con goers what positive experiences they got from attending cons and being a part of the geek and cosplay community:

Dave Bautista For ‘Eternal Warrior’ Movie?

Born Gilad Anni-Padda, Valiant’s Eternal Warrior has been a fan favourite since his debut in 1992’s Solar, Man of the Atom #10 (and return post-2012 reboot in Archer & Armstrong #5). An immortal master in combat, the Mesopotamian warrior is protector of the Geomancer, a person with the capability to

Cosplays of LFCC 2017

In the endless plateau of popular entertainment events and festivals happening at the moment it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find one that one show that strikes out as <em>the</em> place that everyone must attend each and every time. Yet, amidst the vendors, celebrity signers, comic book guests, and legions of

SBOC 10 Hyper Japan 2017

Issue 1 Event: Hyper Japan Date: 14-16th July 2017 Location: Tobacco Docks, London We caught up with 10 of the best dressed at Hyper Japan and asked them what influences their looks, and style. For more on Hyper Japan, make sure you stay tuned to Machinima SBOC

Ash Cosplay at MCM London!

Cosplay is an industry that is taking the world by storm, with cosplayers all over the world recreating their favourite characters from pop culture. And, as always, there are different levels to this ‘hobby’ from amateurs like everyday convention goers, to those who find themselves with the title of ‘Professional


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