Final Fantasy: Kingsglaive – Review

The story takes place in the futuristic city of Kingdom of Lucis. The main protagonist is Nyx Ulric (voiced by Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul) a member of the Kingsglaive, a private military force that harnesses its magical strength from the king’s magical power. The movie centres around Nyx and the

Transformers The Movie: 30th Anniversary Review

Directed by: Nelson Shin. Music by: Vince DiCola. Starring: Orson Welles, Leonard Nimoy, Judd Nelson, Robert Stack, Eric Idle, Lionel Stander. Thirty years ago, the franchises and movies that would come to be celebrated many years hence were oddly not always the most profitable, but were instead full to the brim with creative


@DANSBOC attacks Gamescom with the grace and tact of a rhino on steroids! We talk to : 2k games: Ysbryd: Numskull : Ubisoft do Star Trek Bridge Crew: South Park The Fractured but Whole: Mosh Pit Simulator :website is ELM-Europe Dan talks disc’s

Labyrinth – 30th Anniversary Review

Directed by: Jim Henson. Music by: Trevor Jones. Starring: Jennifer Connolly, David Bowie, Brian Henson, Frank Oz. Originality carries great risk, and the 1980s were a perfect display of what that entails. For every New Line Cinema there is a Carolco, and for every Neverending Story there is a Labyrinth.

Is “The Crow” Taking Flight Again?

The 1994, neo-noir superhero movie The Crow (directed by Alex Proyas) is famously known for being the set of one of the most tragic accidents in cinema history. While working on a scene, Brandon Lee (son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee) was killed in a freak firearms accident –

The Secret Life of Pets: Review

The people behind Despicable Me and Minions have returned to us with a great new concept; The Secret Life of Pets. The title is literally that, the film follows the antics of the domesticated animals living in an apartment building. They all have their own habits, style and way of

Nicolas Cage: His Best and Worst

NICOLAS CAGE – EIGHT GREATS It’s hard to imagine a time when there were great Nicolas Cage movies, mainly because of how many porkers he’s made of late but there really are a lot of good – nay, great! – films out there. Here is just a small collection of

Badass Women in Comics – Misty Knight

Name: Mercedes “Misty” Knight Aliases: Misty Knight, Maya Corday First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up #1 (as an unnamed woman), 1972, Marvel Premiere #21 (as Misty Knight), 1975 Powers/Skills: Bionic arm, Master Martial Artist, hand-to-hand combat, police combat training. Misty is also a skilled detective, interrogation expert, expert marksman Team Affiliations: Defenders


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