Cosplays of LFCC 2017

In the endless plateau of popular entertainment events and festivals happening at the moment it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find one that one show that strikes out as <em>the</em> place that everyone must attend each and every time.

Yet, amidst the vendors, celebrity signers, comic book guests, and legions of attendees at this years London Film and Comic Con were the masses of devoted cosplayers dressed head-to-toe in the attire, armor and raiments that represent one of the many facets that make these events so important and exciting. These creations are often hand made over a series of painstakingly long days or acquired/purchased through stores and online sellers and craft-makers marking impressive feats in imagination and vision.

LFCC one again played host to all these people and more and the following cosplays and performers represent just a sample of the spectacular cosplayers we encountered at the event. Check them out:

Lee Swords as The Lord of Bones

Lee Swords as The Lord of Bones from Game of Thrones

Sophie Faires as Captain Marvel

Sophie Faires as Captain Marvel (Marvel Comics)

DavidMountain as Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead

David Mountain as Rick Grimes
from The Walking Dead

[6] Leon Harris, 'Red', and Scott Harris as Kaecillius, The Ancient One, and Dr. Strange

Leon Harris, ‘Red’, and Scott Harris as Kaecillius, The Ancient One,
and Doctor Strange from Doctor Strange (movie)

[4] Kelly Kim as Melanie Daniels, The Birds

Kelly Kim as Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren)
from Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’

[9] Daniel Hague as The Atom, LoT

Daniel Hague as The Atom
from Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow

[2] Sadako from Ringu, cosplayer unknown

Sadako Yamamura (Rie Ino’o) from Ring (1998)


[6] Princess Fiona, Shrek

Princess Fiona from Shrek (cosplayer unknown)

[10] Maria Wachowicz as Maria from Assassins Creed film - uncanny cosplay - Winner of LFCC Masquerade Ball Day 2 [a]

Maria Wachowicz of Uncanny Cosplay as Maria
from Assassins Creed (movie)
Winner of The London Film Comic Con 2017 Masquerade Ball Day 2

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Written by: Chris Starks

Chris Starks is a professional screenwriter of nearly two decades and Editor-in-Chief for MachinimaSBOC. As a keen comic collector, film and TV fanatic, enthusiastic about theatre and a proud Spartan you can find him at most London-based conventions hovering around various stalls hunting down bargains and having a larf.


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