Dead Cells is Coming to Consoles Later this Year The game is currently in Early Access

Developer Motion Twin have announced that their Metroidvania game Dead Cells will make its way to consoles later this year. The news comes alongside a console launch trailer which shows off the game’s frenetic gameplay and platforming.

Dead Cells is inspired by Castlevania and features the same interconnected maps which task the player backtracking and gaining new abilities to progress. The game will arrive on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch when it launches into version 1.0 later this year. Dead Cells is currently in Early Access on Steam .

As well as being a Metroidvania style of game, Dead Cells also boasts some Rogue-like elements with the threat of permadeath always looming large. The combat is described as Souls-lite, with bosses following distinct attack patterns which you must learn and master in order to emerge victorious.  The game also features RPG elements such as character upgrades, all of which will need to be utilised to stay alive. There are a host of weapons at the player’s disposal including twin daggers, ice grenades and bows as well as several platforming abilities which evoke Ninja Gaiden.

Be sure to check out the trailer below and stay tuned for more details as we get them.

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