Duck Game Is Heading For Switch Landon Podbielski makes his triumphant return to social media and brings with him a wealth of Duck Game news

Indie hit Duck Game is coming to the Nintendo Switch and developer Landon Podbielski announced he’s pledging to fix the PS4 version.

In lengthy comeback post (which you can read in full here) the Duck Game developer reveals that the indie hit title is making its way over to Switch at some point or another. Features and release dates are up in the air but his absences from social media have led to him working on bringing the game to the console.


In the same post, Landon announces he’s working hard with the Sony team and the ports developers in order to fix the online system. He hopes this will be sorted within a month but there’s no concrete date as to when the patch will be released. Not only that Duck Game, along with another title by Adult Swim Games Kingsway, are also getting their soundtracks released on Vinyl. So, if you’re a fan of Duck Game today has been a treat.


Duck Game is a multiplayer based arena shooter in which you and up to 3 other friends battle it out in short, intense rooms to see who is the last to survive. A room can contain pistols, rocket launchers, harpoons or just web shooters and it’s a race to kill your opponents before they kill you. Its an incredibly addictive game that would be right at home on the Switch with its local multiplayer functionality, so it’ll be exciting to see when that will launch.
For more information on Duck Game stay right here on MachinimaSBOC!

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