Fable Fortunes Leaves Early Access This Week After many hiccups along the way the CCG finally gets a release date

Fable Fortunes is coming out of Early Access and getting a fully-fledged release this week.

The collectable card game set in the Fable universe is finally leaving early access after 7 months of being in the program. With the game leaving early access we are getting a whole host of new content coming with it. This includes a new single-player story mode titled “Heroic tales” which takes you on a journey through the past of the games many heroes. A new chat system which like in Hearthstone lets you communicate to your opponents. Finally, there’s a whole load of smaller features like new cards, a tutorial, daily bounty system and more all coming with the full release.


Despite its initial crowdfunding failure, the CCG game has found a cult following even with the recent troubles the Fable series has had. So it’s good to see the game finally getting a full release. While we may not be getting a new entry to the mainline series anytime soon, this will certainly tide us over.


Fable Fortunes Releases as a full Free to play game on Xbox One, Steam and Windows 10 February 22nd. For more information on Fable Fortunes make sure you stay right here on Machinima SBOC!

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