It is no secret that Fairy Tail is one of the most prominent franchises anime fans enjoy today. Joining the ranks of other big hitters such as Naruto and Dragon Ball, its run since 2009 has been both long and significant.  Following the story of Dragonslayer Natsu Dragneel and his magician guild known as Fairy Tail,  they traverse the world in search for work and loot, while also being involved in incidents that require them to vanquish evil.

Much like many other anime of its kind, Fairy Tail is a series that emphasises and treasures friendship and camaraderie. It’s simply not defined by one character, but is instead reliant on each hero’s contribution to the guild, which in turn also makes their bond even stronger. 


Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry is the second film in the anime’s continuity and sees our beloved heroes on a new adventure in a new location. Tasked with retrieving an ancient artefact known as the Dragon Cry, they must uncover the mystery behind its power while also preventing the destruction of the world. Meanwhile Natsu has seemingly awakened a part of his own dragon powers that he cannot seemingly control, which surely spells  more trouble and hardships for the Fairy Tail crew. 

Here at MCM, we were lucky enough to sit down with the film’s Director Tatsuma Minamikawa and Producer Yohei Ito for a quick chat about themselves and their work:

How has London been treating you so far? Is it your first time? 

Tatsuma-san: Yesterday we spent all day going around and looking at all the sights! All in all this is actually my first time abroad. 

Yohei-san: This is actually my first time in London but my second time in England. The first I came here was in Manchester last summer and had a wonderful time.  

What initial inspired you to do anime instead of live action films? 

Tatsuma-san: Well it’s because drawing is a lot easier to express and do, because there’s also a lot more Freedom in it aswell. 

In a production standpoint- how different is the role of a producer to the role of a director?

Yohei-san: Being a producer, you always have to think about money! Not only do you need to provided to the production of the anime, but you also have to think about how you can actually profit from the product. 

Seeing as the manga itself is coming to an end, would fans be able to watch this as a stand-alone or would they need to catch up to the series? 

Tatsuma-san: This movie acts more as a standalone, so fans will definitely find something they can appreciate, but newcomers will also be able to enjoy it in their own way without being left out.  

Yohei-san: In the Japanese manga series, it’s between the 51st and 52nd volumes of the series, so there may be some references you’ll recognise.

While other animes get official cinematic releases world-wide, franchises such as Fairy Tail does not really get the same kind of recognition it deserves. How does it feel or what do you think the impact is that the film is being released outside of Japan? 

Yohei-san:  I believe this series is supported heavily by all the fans by abroad, so I don’t really think it’s not as unrecognised since it is certainly carried by the fans who appreciate it. We were planning to release this film as the last of the entire series, so we’re quite happy and glad that it’s also being released here in the UK. 

What can established fans expect from the characters or story in this upcoming film? 

Tatsuma-san: That’s probably the specific detail we added to the attacks fans know and love in the series. We made it so that it adds a lot of awe and pizzazz, while also remaining true to its original form. 


We at MachinimaSBOC were both ecstatic and humbled that both Yohei-san and Tatsuma-san took time off their busy schedule to speak with us. We’d also like to give a big shout out to Masa-san for helping us out with translations and keeping the conversations engaged and formal.  Watch out for the upcoming DVD release date for Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry, and our own review of this one of a kind anime movie.



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