Fortnite Battle Royale Gets New Sneaky Silencers Mode And a new silenced pistol, obviously

Fortnite Battle Royale is getting another themed event this weekend, alongside new content. By playing the game and earning in-world loot or via treasure chests, players can now receive the silenced pistol.

The pistol will no doubt come in handy in the game’s new limited “Sneaky Silencers” mode which sets players against each other armed only with silenced weapons and increased bush drop rates.

The mode will run from Jan 5 through until Jan 8 and will disable the use of traps. It is the latest in a long line of limited events which have come to the game since launching into Early Access last year.

We’re sure to have plenty more on Fortnite as it continues to evolve through early Access ahead of its full release later this year. Stay tuned for more as we get it.

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Jake Green

Written by: Jake Green

My name is Jake Green. Currently living in London and can be found rambling about video games online. I have a soft spot for VR, and value storytelling in games above all else.

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