Good news everyone – Titanfall 2 just got its first teaser trailer!

While everyone’s eyes are directed at Dark Souls 3 release, No Man’s Sky new gameplay videos – EA and Respawn studio just sneakily released first video for anticipated Titanfall 2. It’s a teaser trailer so don’t expect to see much, but it has something to introduce you with – there will be swords in the sequel. And probably big ones too, for your Titans… Check the video below:

If you watched the video already, you know that the official reveal of the game will be made during E3 – June 12 to be more specific.

Not only that, but Titanfall’s 2 website also kicked off. You can check it here. There is not a lot of stuff to check out at the moment, but it’s something and we have to appreciate that they finally gave us something to wrap our eyes around.

Titanfall 2 is being developed for PC and the next-gen consoles only – PS4 and Xbox One. We hope we’re not the only one who’s hyping about this so much right now… Show your excitement in the comments!

Source: VG247

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Written by: Chris Starks

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