Machinma UK is looking for our next Community Manager! Think you’ve got what it takes? Read on!

In case you missed our social media post, here’s a quick synopsis of what we’re looking for:

Here at Machinima SBOC, we’re always consistently looking to push the boundaries and create content across all our social media platforms. With the current velocity of our brand, it’s the perfect time for us to be on the look-out for a community manager to handle all our social platforms. We strive in the passion we have for pop-culture and this reflects not only just on games but towards movies, anime, music, TV shows and cosplay content! This is an exciting opportunity for anyone who is looking to join a world-class brand as our community manager. You will implement Machinima UK’s social media strategy developing brand awareness generating inbound traffic and encouraging engagement across all our future projects and content. You will also be working closely with the content team and marketing team so we are looking for individuals who not only pride in the person they are; for the passion they have but to be a great team member. We at Machinima UK take pride in working as a well-oiled team.


Moving forward into 2017, we’ve got some pretty big plans lined up to make sure we keep growing and welcoming new folks into our loving arms. As part of this expansion, a close connection with all of our readers and viewers is essential, and that’s where you come in.

So, the technical deets. Yawn.

The deadline for applications is April 5th, 5:30pm, and a CV is required to be sent across to our CEO, Dan. All applications must be sent to!

Along with your CV, we want to know more about YOU as a person, so make sure to attach the answers to the following questions;

Dan wants people to submit a CV and an intro about themselves and then to answer these three questions

Why do you want to work for Machinima SBOC?
What is your greatest accomplishment?
Why do you think you’ll be a good addition to our team?

Good luck!

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