Netflix Set to Remake Anime Classic Saint Seiya

Following in the footsteps of Voltron cult anime series Saint Seiya is getting a remake/reboot from the clever bods at Netflix.

It was revealed back in late 2016 that Netflix was to collaborate with Toei Animation for a new computer generated series that would become Knights of the Zodiac, an adaptation of the Manga and Anime that was originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Yoshiharu Ashino, best known for key animator on The Flashpoint Paradox, and Pokemon Heroes, is set to direct.

The original series, that aired between 1986 and 1989, followed five mystical warriors called the ‘Saints’ who fought in sacred armor designed in line with the heroes chosen constellations, adopted as their guardian symbols. These symbols are powered by ‘Cosmo’, a mystical energy form. Sworn to defend the reincarnated body of the Greek goddess Athena and aid her in her war against the other Gods of Olympus, who intend to rule Earth.

The first season is set to follow the ‘Galaxian Wars’, and ‘Silver Saint’ story lines over twelve episodes. 

While we cannot wait for this show to be here already at this time all we know is that it will be out “soon”, as it states on the poster below, though that’s not soon enough.


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Written by: Chris Starks

Chris Starks is a professional screenwriter of nearly two decades and Editor-in-Chief for MachinimaSBOC. As a keen comic collector, film and TV fanatic, enthusiastic about theatre and a proud Spartan you can find him at most London-based conventions hovering around various stalls hunting down bargains and having a larf.

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