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BOOM! The Rise and Rise of Josceline Fenton

Hunting for a spot to sit and talk with award-winning Cartoonist, Writer, Animator and Illustrator Josceline Fenton, we uncovered a crumbling, derelict room. Looking like a site from a post-apocalyptic world, we found two chairs conveniently placed amongst the debris. Instead we swiftly backed out, sitting comfortable by a radiator

MCM Interview with Rice Digital

Over the MCM weekend, we had the pleasure of interviewing Japanese game aficionados Rice Digital, promoter and distributor of Eastern titles, both console and indie. We talk Guilty Gear Xrd, a Kickstarter for what could possibly be the greatest rhythm action game ever made as well as details on the

Leo Magus – Cosplayer

Formerly known as Electrikid, Leo Magus has been featured in NEO magazine, given panel talks at both Cos-Con in Glasgow and DeeCon in Dundee, been a guest judge at both and has an Instagram following of over 20k. A graduate from Delamar Academy of Makeup & Hair with a distinction

Ash Cosplay at MCM London!

Cosplay is an industry that is taking the world by storm, with cosplayers all over the world recreating their favourite characters from pop culture. And, as always, there are different levels to this ‘hobby’ from amateurs like everyday convention goers, to those who find themselves with the title of ‘Professional

SPECIAL EFFECT – The Gamers’ Charity

Gaming is for everyone. And yet, the gaming industry does not have the software to allow those with disabilities to enjoy the games that others around them are playing. Enter, Special Effect. At MCM London, Special Effect and their team joined Machinima SBOC for their first ever Comic Con to

Tekken 7 – MCM Prelude Special

“Get ready to FLY!” While this MCM treated us with a gamut of games both in type and genre, Tekken 7 stood out amongst con-goers as an exciting and competitive fighter that beckoned to those willing to test their skills. Situated upon a stage reminiscent to that of an actual boxing

Max Payne: Retribution – Film Review

Released: June 24th 2017 Beyond the unassuming side door entrance of the film premier’s venue, tucked in a corner of East London, laid a world of opulent décor, cocktail dresses and unreasonably beautiful people. The story of Max Payne is a sombre one, a tale where no one lives happily,

Spellforce 3 – An RTS Homecoming

Despite still being in development and bearing a placeholder title, Grimlore Games’ Spellforce 3 is a game  of explicit grandeur and nostalgia packaged into one. Carrying the rich history of its established lore while enticing newcomers with its prequel status, the game maintains its real-time strategy roots and also introduces

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII – Review

PC RELEASE: July 5th 2016 SUMMARY Have you ever wanted to turn back time and take the place of a Chinese general during the Three Kingdoms period of China? Immerse yourself in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 and satisfy that desire. Through the eyes of a key historical

Tokyo 42 – Review

Initial Release: 31st May 2017 SUMMARY If you think your daily grind is hard, imagine how much harder it would be if you’re trying to enjoy your morning coffee and suddenly a live feed of your own apartment appears on the news, along with the headline that you’re wanted for

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance – Review

RELEASE DATE: 26th May 2017 SUMMARY Welcome to the realm of Disgaea 5, where anime angels, demons and the occasional Bunny Overlord do battle among the stars, piloting starship-shaped pocket dimensions and tossing exploding penguin comrades in the harsher moments of battle. You read all of that correctly. “The Netherworlds


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