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What’s So Wrong About The Golden Rule

What’s so wrong about The Golden clash of lords 2 hack Rule? Aloha! Q & A time again! Q: What’s so wrong about “The Golden Rule?” A: Short form: It’s tyranny! Surprised? Read further, please: A: Longer elaboration: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Ok,

What’s Next After Buying A Franchise

What’s Next After Buying a Franchise? After You Buy a Franchise… After the checks have been issued and the legal documents officially signed and transferred to your name, you are finally a proud owner of a franchise business. It might be a mobile business, a retail store, a computer consulting

What’s Your Parenting Style

What’s Your Parenting Style? Love and limits are terms that describe a parent’s discipline orientation. Parents who are oriented toward a “relational discipline” are said to use love as their primary style of parenting. Parents who use “action discipline” are said to use limits as their primary style of

What’s So Great About The Usb Turntable

What’s So Great About The USB Turntable? The USB turntable is one of the most striking examples of old technology merging seamlessly with new. The USB turntable acts like a traditional turntable in that it allows you to play vinyl records however it also allows, thanks to a USB connection,

Wheels Keeping In Step With The Mercedes Engine

Wheels: Keeping In Step With The Mercedes Engine The Mercedes wheels may be from an ancient invention that modern technology has made simple and ostensibly complete. But, beyond the Mercedes wheels’ basic functionality in the car assembly of providing motion train to the vehicle, all the four wheels are

What’s Your Clutter Ratio

What’s Your Clutter Ratio? What’s your clutter ratio? The Finnish Press recently reported a story about an art student who took an inventory of every object in her 2,500 sq. ft. home. She owned a total of 6,126 items. The most interesting part of the story was her breakdown


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