Rez Infinite is Now Available On Steam and Oculus Home

Enhance Games have released the critically acclaimed cult classic Rez Infinite on PC after nearly a year of PlayStation exclusivity. The game is available to download now on Steam and Oculus Home and is a remaster of the Dreamcast title Rez.

Rez Infinite includes a host of new content, most notably VR compatibility which has cemented it as the highest scored VR game on Metacritic so far. The game is a contains elements of rhythm games and arcade shooters and is designed to mimic synesthesia, the medical condition in which two or more senses are blended together. Rez Infinite adds a whole new area in the game called Area X which allows players to go off rails for the first time ever.

Speaking in a press release, Enhance Games explain that this is the best version of the game yet;

“With 4K support, up to double the texture quality, advanced graphic options as well as multiple controller options, we hope to introduce our game to a new audience who’ve never played Rez before and those who haven’t picked it up in a while. It can also finally be experienced in VR with Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE.”

Rez Infinite will also be coming to Google Daydream devices later this year.


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Written by: Jake Green

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