Sony’s PlayStation E3 Press Conference Roundup

It’s almost as though it’s become a tradition for Sony to take the lead on games this generation. While the competition flexed its muscle with technical buzzwords and emphasis on 4K, PlayStation managed to continue highlighting the most important aspect of all: content.

Wasting no time at all, they set up the stage with spectacular and grandiose effects showcasing some of the most anticipated games of the year. SIE President and CEO Shawn Layden‘s book-ended appearances on stage during the entire presentation contained his opening statement “Tonight let’s recognise the art of gameplay with the showcase of the most anticipated titles here at E3”, to which he remained quite true to his words.

While games such as Call of Duty WWII, Destiny 2, and Detroit: Become Human also appeared during the showcase, they didn’t really contain more information than what we already learned the first time around. Instead they added just a few things to further the hype, but not enough to be considerably note worthy.


On the up-side, there were certainly plenty of heavy hitters that carried Sony throughout the night. First up were Uncharted: Lost Legacy and Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds, two titles we’ve more than become acquainted to at this point. Both showed some promising stories and gameplay mechanics to indulge on, drawing out the full potential of their established franchises.

The mood shifted fairly quickly when ‘Days Gone‘ hit the screen. Continuing on from what we already learned from Sony’s previous conference, we got to see more of the gameplay mechanics and enemies players will be faced against. So far it looks to be a solid mixture of The Last of Us story and Horizon‘s gameplay, which is quite a welcome fusion if we say so ourselves.

Some of the bigger surprises came in the form of Monster Hunter World and Shadow of the Colossus. The former was perhaps the only game we didn’t really know much about, and we remained in complete denial until the Rathalos first came into view. The latter on the other hand was a pleasant surprise from memory lane, especially considering a remastered version was already released a number of years prior. Both games looked utterly beautiful, while also showcasing their improvement in both gameplay and mechanics.


PlayStation made sure that the PSVR is alive and continues to be supported. Starting off with Skyrim VR, this was an additional gameplay that was slightly odd but intriguing. While many of us would like to see Fallout VR on the system at some point, a substitute Bethesda world is surely enough to fill ones palate.  Other titles such as Star Child and Moss portrayed a thematic trailer that previewed what they were about, but not much else in terms of gameplay or story.  Final Fantasy XV VR on the otherhand borderlines disappointment, as it seems to mainly be focused on simulated fishing with your hot Japanese boy band bros and not much else.

The standout PSVR title for us is Bravo Team, a first person shooter that seems set to make use of the PSVR aim controller. Thus far we know that it’s a team-based shooter in virtual reality, but hopefully we’ll learn more as the game continues development.

God of War once again rages through the stage and impacts the audience with brilliant delight. Showcasing an extended look at the story, setting, and seemingly apparent mythology the game is based on, there is a clear difference between the original trilogy and this upcoming title. Gone are the days of Kratos‘ rage ravaging through Olympus, as we instead see our older anti-hero struggle as a father to a child mired in mystery. While epic and violent fights will continue to be a part of the game, their significance is now integrated with sombre and moral themes the game represents. Graphics also continue to look as beautiful as ever. Seriously, just look at that World Serpent.


Sony closed out their show with a game that was quite unexpected, solely because many of had high hopes that The Last of Us Part II would make an appearance. We were none the less blown away by Marvel’s Spider-Man, a renewed look at the web-slinger brought to you by Insomniac games.  Touted as PlayStation’s ultimate exclusive of 2018, we got to see some action past initial viewing of last year’s tease. A combination of solid and beautiful cinematics, and fluid gameplay, it was reminiscent of a more vibrant and colourful Batman: Arkham. The Quick time events further added excitement to the entire preview, as viewers were treated with a grand-scale look at the destruction and action that could occur throughout New York City. While hints of well-known characters such as Wilson Fisk making an appearance is more than exciting, none is as intriguing as the introduction of Miles Morales. While it can’t be said for certain what role his character will play, it’ll be more likely linked to his own mantle as the Ultimate Spider-Man.

Surely enough, Sony played a hand of confidence during their presentation which ended in their favour. However, it was quite unfortunate to see that not many other newer titles were announced this year. Still, we hold a lot of hope for the next few months, some of which rest upon the company’s own PlayStation Experience event.

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