Supergirl Season 3, Episode 5 review and miscellaneous Supergirl news

Kevin Smith’s most recent turn in the director’s chair on Supergirl (Season 3, Episode 5) does exactly what it says on the tin – it has minimal action, and maximum dialogue, much like any Kevin Smith movie. It’s kind of his thing. Fortunately, the actors in Supergirl are all more than affable enough to keep the show fun when you take the ass-kicking out of the equation.

The main story is our lovable heroine (Melissa Benoist, the adorable Kara Zor-El) trying to clear her lawful evil sidekick’s (Lena Luthor, played by Katie McGrath) name, while dealing with Lena’s diabolical billionaire adversary, Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar, from Heroes,) who certainly gives the necessary evil vibes to the classic, if not cliché chemicals-killing-children plot, even if he’s lacking the hilarious twirly moustache.

The downside of this episode is that they’re constantly cutting back to the B-story – the overly emotional, romantic subplot of Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) and her girlfriend (Floriana Lima); which really took away from the twists and turns of the rest of the episode. That being said, I feel like it was a totally necessary subplot that we all needed to get through (and kind of what they hire Kevin Smith for,) so that the team could get on with being super; because of the big crossover event in a couple of weeks, and we can’t have inter-office politics getting in the way of saving the multiverse from a transdimensional crisis.

The climax of the episode was your standard, predictable super-fare. Saving the day, getting the girl, nobody dies, despite considerable collateral damage. Fortunately, both teams have a billionaire on their team, so let’s not worry too much about that. The day is saved. For now. That’s what’s important.

In other Supergirl news, Jesse Rath (from Defiance) has been cast as Braniac 5, the 12th level intellect from the 30th century super team, The Legion of Super-Heroes. Executive Producer, Andrew Kreisberg told TVline: “Episode 10 is called ‘Legion of Super-Heroes,’ and you can’t call it that without the Legion of Super-Heroes in it,” so expect more Legionnaires to be announced over the coming weeks.

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