Channing Tatum

Gambit Movie Production Put on Hold Again.

Fox’s Gambit has once again found itself at a standstill. Having been nothing but hell for the project since its conception, Gambit has spent years gaining and losing release dates, to the point where many fans are losing interest in the X-Men spinoff. Recently, the film once again lost a

‘Gambit’ Eyes Lizzy Caplan For Female Lead

Masters of Sex and Mean Girls star Lizzy Caplan has entered talks to be cast as the female lead in Channing Tatum-led X-Men spin off Gambit. The film, set to begin filming early next year, under the direction of Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski has been on Fox’s

Gambit Character Breakdowns Leaked Online

A slew of new character breakdowns for 20th Century Fox’s Gambit movie have been leaked online. The upcoming X-Men spinoff has been stuck in development for several years, after having initially been announced in 2014. And now, thanks to the recent success of Deadpool and Logan, Gambit in finally moving

‘Gambit’ Gets February 2019 Release Date

20th Century Fox is finally moving on Channing Tatum’s Gambit, giving the film a Valentine’s Day 2019 release date. Tatum joined the project a few years back and has been working to get his film off the ground ever since – but the film has seen directors come and go,

Possible ‘Gambit’ Movie Plot Revealed?

Thanks to the numerous movies coming out of 20th Century Fox, including Deadpool and the upcoming New Mutants, X-Men has gone beyond a franchise, becoming its own cinematic universe. But, there’s one X-Men spinoff that’s having trouble getting off the ground – and that’s Gambit. The film has had to

Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Trailer

Released: 29th September 2017 ‘Being a Kingsman is more than the clothing we wear or the weapons we bear. It’s about being willing to sacrifice for the greater good.’ Kingsman: The Golden Circle sees the return of street-tough, turned super suave spy ‘Eggsy’ (Taron Egerton) in a sequel that is


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