Han Solo

Ron Howard Announces Han Solo Movie Title

Not content with simply announcing the end of filming on the Han Solo standalone, director Ron Howard decided to drop another bomb in a video he shared for fans – that the movie will be titled – Solo: A Star Wars Story. Hey #Twitterville we just wrapped production so here's

Han Solo Movie is About Danger and Desperation

Ron Howard’s latest offering from the set of the Han Solo movie, depicts a scene detailing ‘desperate and dangerous times’ – possibly offering us a little insight into the themes the film will explore. As with Rogue One, this entry into the franchise will predate the original trilogy, and so

The Han Solo Movie Could See Vader Return

Everyone in the galaxy lived beneath The Empire’s rule post-Revenge of the Sith – for almost two decades – so Han Solo would be no different. And now, there are rumours stating that the Han Solo movie will pull a Rogue One and throw a little Vader into the mix.

Paul Bettany Joins the Han Solo Movie

Director Ron Howard took full advantage of Star Wars’ Force Friday, by announcing a new member of the cast of his forthcoming Han Solo movie. The director revealed via his Twitter feed that actor Paul Bettany, who has worked with Howard before on films such as The Da Vinci Code


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