Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World Rotten Vale Trailer Breakdown

During the Paris Games Week, Capcom teased the crowed with yet another trailer for Monster Hunter: World (the fourth one now). The new trailer, featured an entire new area named Rotten Vale, which is located beneath the Coral Highlands. Three new monsters were revealed to reside within this valley, and

Monster Hunter World Special Edition Announced

Capcom announced today that Monster Hunter World will be getting Digital Deluxe and Collectors Editions. The Digital Deluxe Edition includes a variety of extra customisation skins for players to try out including a Samurai skin, two stickers and three gestures. The PlayStation 4 Digital Deluxe version of the game will

Sony’s PlayStation E3 Press Conference Roundup

It’s almost as though it’s become a tradition for Sony to take the lead on games this generation. While the competition flexed its muscle with technical buzzwords and emphasis on 4K, PlayStation managed to continue highlighting the most important aspect of all: content. Wasting no time at all, they set


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