Suicide Squad

‘Suicide Squad 2’ Is On the Fast Track

Because in movie-world one is never enough, Suicide Squad is getting a sequel. This is old news, yes. However, it seems that Warner Bros has the desire for it to come out a lot sooner than anyone expected. Not to be outdone by the announcements of two movies to be

Top Picks: DC Comics – 26 July 2017

DC has some hot comics hitting the shelves today. For this week’s installment, the focus is on four books that made the shortlist. BATMAN BEYOND #10 ($3.99) Art by Bernard Chang, Written by Dan Jurgens This series is starting to get really interesting. After the shocking revelation that the new leader

Post-hype Review: Wonder Woman!

Released: June 1st 2017 When a strange package arrives from Bruce Wayne at Diana Prince’s office in the Louvre, Paris, she is thrown back to her memories of a time before high-tech battle suits and alien heroes. Faced with the task of destroying war itself, Wonder Woman is born. “I

Suicide Squad trailer number 60

Another day, another Suicide Squad trailer. This time it’s the ‘Blitz’ version. As if it wasn’t bad enough that the in last ‘important’ trailer they released they used Bohemian Rhapsody to promote the film; alas this time they’re using Ballroom Blitz by glam rock super group The Sweet. I ask


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