Deadpool 2 Set Photo Teases X-Force Costume?

Ryan Reynolds made have accidentally given fans a sneak peek at Wade Wilson’s grey X-Force costume in Deadpool 2. After the incredible success of the first film, Deadpool is set to have a large presence in the X-Men universe, with the sequel ready to hit cinemas next year, Reynold’s Merc

X-Force May Start Filming in 2018

According to actor Josh Brolin, Drew Goddard’s X-Force may start filming as soon as next year. With some Cable experience under his belt, Brolin is just beginning his character’s journey. Set to debut in Deadpool 2 and recently wrapping filming on his X-Men introduction, it still remains unclear how big

Drew Goddard to Write and Direct ‘X-Force’ Film

It’s been announced that the X-Force film that has long been in development, has finally found a writer and director in the form of The Cabin in the Woods’ Drew Goddard. The film will centre around Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) alongside Cable (Josh Brolin), and possibly Domino (Zazie Beetz) given that


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