“Get ready to FLY!”

While this MCM treated us with a gamut of games both in type and genre, Tekken 7 stood out amongst con-goers as an exciting and competitive fighter that beckoned to those willing to test their skills. Situated upon a stage reminiscent to that of an actual boxing ring, random participants went toe to toe with one another, vying for the title of ‘King of the Iron Fist‘.

But what exactly was the reason behind the hype? Why were so many people willing to stand and wait in line only to be defeated? Did we even want to get involved? These questions lingered as we at MachinimaSBOC took our comfortable seats and cowered away from the main stage to try out the game.

Considering the current build we got our hand on, there was nothing that stood as particularly new. However, there was clearly a lot more time and effort that was put into the polishing and balancing the actual game-play as well as the visuals, which is certainly something that  fans of the series will be happy to hear about. The roster is and continues to be quite expansive,  we got to try out newcomers Shaheen, Lucky Chloe, and Josie Rizal, all of whom didn’t feel out of place or overpowered within the competitive scene. New stages have also been added to the game, all of which had their own unique quirks and secrets that players can actually discover along the way. And while moving from one side of the battle ground to another during a fight is becoming a staple in modern fighting games, Tekken 7 keeps it fresh by turning it into an actual cut-scene.


The story suggests that this will be the end of something significant to the narrative. Promotional material and our own discussions with fans suggest that this game will conclude the on-going saga within the Mishima clan. This is quite a big development, considering this has been the driving force of the entirety Tekken in the past 20 years. On the other hand, this also shows the amount of care the developers have put into the story this time around, adding weight and motivation behind the meaning of being the ‘King of the Iron Fist‘.

Sadly, we only got to try out the multiplayer portion of the game, hence there is still quite a lot more to look forward to during the game’s official release this Friday. For now we hope to have somewhat piqued your interest, as we currently work on our upcoming review of the game.



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Justin Mumar

Written by: Justin Mumar

An avid gamer by heart and a human being by force, Justin loves anything videogame so long as it's got a rich story, intuitive gameplay, and memorable quotes. "Hraaah" by Link speaks volumes about our society.

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