Todd McFarlane Wants to Make ‘Spawn’ A Franchise

The Spawn movie is finally showing signs of life, and the creator (and director of the upcoming film) Todd McFarlane is hoping that this is just the beginning of the character’s big screen saga.

The film is expected to begin production early next year, with the hopes of launching a new franchise, loaded with possibilities of spinoffs and sequels of R-rated adventure.

“It was the reason why I wanted to keep it small and tight,” McFarlane explained, before pointing to the success of his new partner Jason Blum’s work on Get Out. “You put out $3 million. If they had netted 25, it would’ve been a success, instead of the 300 million they got. 25 on a $3 million bet, that’s not bad.”

McFarlane expects to breeze past the $25 million at the box office in Spawn’s opening weekend. “I think [Spawn’s budget] is going to be in that 10-12 range. If we can do it and get the opening that I think we can get… if we get the same number of people that came 20 years ago, the same number of people, in today’s dollars that’s $40 million. There’s the potential for 40 and up opening, if we’ve added any fans.”

Based on these projections, this would be more than enough to move forward on further film. “It will allow you then to go ‘Let’s get to the next one, let’s get to the next one, let’s get to the next one,’” the director stated.

“As I’ve told people, at the end of the first movie, there’s two directions you can go and without boring people I won’t go there, but there’s two directions you can go, and we’ll just decide which one we want to go to. What I don’t want to do is do three or four of ’em and feel like I’m just making the same movie with a different idea, right? I like Beverley Hills Cop 1. Two is okay, but the third, I’m going, ‘I’ve seen this movie now.’”

As-yet, there is no release date for McFarlane’s Spawn movie.

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